Index of Symbols

A e
mm 2
 Effective Cross-Sectional Area of a core
A min mm 2   Minimum Area of Cross-Section
A L nH  Inductance Per Turn
B r mT  Residual Flux Density
B S mT  Saturation Flux Density
mT  Peak Induction
d Kg/m 3  Density
f KHz  Frequency
g mm  Airgap (cut)
H C A/m  Coercive Field Strength
L e mm  Effective Magnetic Path Length
I A  Current
L H  Inductance
N -  Number of Turns
P C Kw/m 3  Core Loss Density
SPM deg.C  Secondary Permeability Maximum
T C deg.C  Curie Temperature
Tan δ/μi -  Relative Loss Factor
V e mm 3  Effective Volume of a core
μi -  Initial Permeability
μ' -  Real Component of Complex Permeability
μ'' -  Imaginary Component of Complex Permeability
ρ Ω m  Resistivity
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